Welcome to the
Capital Area Health Alliance!

The Capital Area Health Alliance believes that everyone has the right to lead a healthy lifestyle and have access to affordable, quality health care resources. The Alliance was founded in 1993 as a coalition of organizations, businesses, health care professionals, and volunteers from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties to advocate for community health and for improvements in quality, cost, and access to health care resources in the tri-county area. The voluntary efforts of these partners has enabled the Alliance’s many accomplishments, such as:

  • An Antibiotic Misuse Campaign that increased awareness of the harm that can be caused by abuse of antibiotics and resulted in a decrease in over utilization
  • Community Briefings that provide a snapshot of the status of health care in the capital area
  • A Nursing Network that has highlighted nursing practice and workforce issues and greatly expanded the available teaching and learning opportunities for nursing students, hospitals, and universities through grants secured by the Alliance.
  • The Choosing Health!® campaign, designed to provide opportunities for members of Mid-Michigan’s Capital Area to learn about and use existing programs to achieve healthy lifestyles
  • The Healthy Lifestyles Committee, which has received funding through the Michigan Health & Wellness 4 x 4 Grant and has worked to increase access to physical activity opportunities, worked with local restaurants to highlight healthy menu items, and engaged worksites to adopt new policies related to health and wellness.

In the future there will be many opportunities for further program development. If you would like more information about the Alliance, to be placed on our mailing list, or to become a member, please contact us at 517-347-3377 or connect@cahealthalliance.org. Please consider a contribution you can make to the health of our community.

"During the last 15 years, the Alliance has been at the forefront of addressing the important issues of the day—always aligning those efforts with the overarching goal of creating a healthier Capital Area for future years and generations to come. The alliance is no newcomer when it comes to serving as a leader in the Capital Area. Through initiatives such as the Capital Area Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), the alliance is leading the way in Michigan—and even the nation.”

— Janet Olszewski, Former Director, Michigan Department of Community Health