Capital Area Health Alliance

The Capital Area Health Alliance (CAHA) is a regional hub for organizations with interest in health and health care. Since its inception, CAHA has convened community conversations to understand and address healthcare system trends, regional needs and opportunities for improvement. The Alliance provides an inclusive platform on which competing organizations and multiple sectors can collaborate. CAHA connects providers engaged in the work of health care with organizations working at the community level to support innovative approaches to improve the health of the entire community and to bring resources and educational opportunities to employers, businesses and area residents.

Racial and Health Equity

The Board of Directors of the Capital Area Health Alliance affirms and is in alignment with the following statement by Dr. Gail Christopher, D.N., Executive Director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity,

"A statement from the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE) on the violence, systemic and by individuals, that has led to so many needless deaths, pain, and traumatic economic suffering in the Black community and many communities of color across the United States in recent weeks:

NCHE stands in solidarity with the countless families and loved ones outraged and fed up with the brutal and senseless killing and loss of lives, with excess suffering, grieving, economic trauma, and distress of recent weeks. We know this pattern is rooted in centuries of denial of the value of lives of people of color: Centuries of denying our full humanity and equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We call on all leaders to stand with us in taking immediate actions to unite our country and put an end to racial hierarchy and begin to redress its consequences.

There must be continued Congressional, state, and local government action to bring measurable relief to vulnerable communities and groups hit hardest by Covid-19. We support local and national efforts to accelerate accountability and racial healing throughout America. We stand for and are determined to use our energy to “overcome” the health and life-destroying power of racism”.

2019 Health Equity Forum

Health equity is the fair, just distribution of the resources and opportunities needed for diverse members of a community to achieve well-being.  On December 13, 2019, the Capital Area Health Alliance hosted a forum on health equity. The purpose of the forum was to explore the impact of racism on health, what racial healing looks like, and how we achieve both health equity and healing. Over 120 people from health systems, public health, governmental, community and faith-based organizations were in attendance.


Dr. Gail Christopher, a nationally renowned speaker, gave the keynote address, RX Racial Healing: An Engagement Strategy for Eliminating Health Inequities. Dr. Christopher is an award-winning change agent widely recognized for designing holistic strategies for social change and is the Executive Director of National Collaborative for Health Equity. She designed the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) process underway in greater Lansing,

During the day’s event, discussions were held on Focusing on Our Common Humanity; the Power of Story; a visioning session on How Would Health and Healthcare Look Different in the Tri-County If Everyone Were Valued Equally; and Opportunities to Engage in Local Health/Racial Equity Work. 

Please click here to read more about the forum and vision for a connected and caring community based on forum discussions.                                                                     

CAHA 2020/2021 Focus

CAHA is taking a deep dive into “Whole Person Care,” recognizing that the best way to care for people is to consider their full spectrum of needs—medical, behavioral, and socioeconomic, and “Readiness for Care,” including preparation for leadership, clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills, dynamic health systems, and coaching new generations of healthcare professionals. As we take this deep dive, we are intentionally examining how racism creates health inequities and building our capacity to address these inequities throughout our work.


What CAHA Members are Saying

"CAHA's role as a coordinating body...assures healthcare needs of the community are met and changes in healthcare policy and provision of care are planned for. More than any one healthcare organization alone, CAHA combines the strength of all members of the organization to give us greater ability to provide for the healthcare needs of the community."

"CAHA is an organization that allows competing agencies to work together and achieve mutual goals that benefit our communities. CAHA provides connectivity and pathways of communication that enable all of us to offer services that enhance the health and well-being of the people of the tri-county region."

"[CAHA brings] organizations together and bring[s] opportunities for developing joint programs, services, educational endeavors, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. CAHA has been the leader in the region for healthy lifestyles."

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