2015 Let's Walk & Talk with a Doctor Events

Our Let's Walk & Talk with a Doctor initiative kicked off its first full season in 2015, with monthly walks from January through September in indoor and outdoor locations throughout the Tri-County area. Almost 250 people came out to the various walks, which showcased our community's beautiful parks and trails.

Recaps of our 2015 Let's Walk & Talk with a Doctor Events

RECAP: September 26, 2015

The final Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor for the 2015 season was held at AL!VE in Charlotte, in collaboration with its Family Health and Fitness Day. We had a beautiful day to enjoy AL!VE's outdoor walking path. Dr. Kimberley Johnson (Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital) gave an informative and inspiring talk on the benefits of being physically active. She reminded the group to not concentrate on losing weight; there are so many more benefits to walking that are important. Before beginning our walk, Playmakers Fitness Foundation held a Good Form Walking clinic and gave a wonderful demonstration on the importance of form while walking. We concluded our event with a one-mile walk. Photo: Participants enjoy a 1-mile walk around the AL!VE outdoor walking path. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: August 18, 2015

The August Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor was held at Benjamin Davis Park in Lansing. It was a stormy afternoon, and the rain broke to reveal an amazing rainbow just in time for the walk to begin! Dr. A.J. Ronan (Lake Lansing Family Practice) and Dr. Luis Gonzalez (Sparrow Medical Group) were our mentor physicians. Dr. Ronan spoke about the beautiful natural resources we are fortunate to have in the tri-county area, and how they are a perfect setting for physical activity year round. Dr. Gonzalez reminded walkers of the importance of safety while utilizing trails and parks, not only for women but also for those with health concerns. Before the walk began, Alicia Armstrong from Playmakers Fitness Foundation held a Good Form Walking clinic. She demonstrated proper walking techniques and gave some excellent tips on keeping good posture. The event was concluded with a mile walk around the park and inspiring conversation with the mentor physicians! Photo: Participants enjoy a 1-mile walk around the Benjamin Davis Park trail. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: July 11, 2015

The July Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor was held outside of the St. Johns Railroad Depot in St. Johns. Blue Cross Blue Shield provided $3.00 vouchers for the first 50 registrants to use at the St. Johns Farmers Market. Mentor physicians Dr. Greg Holzhei and Dr. Rajani Gundluru provided attendees with easy tips on how to incorporate physical activity into their daily regimen. According to Dr. Holzhei, breaking down your physical activity goals into steps can help make you achieve your daily physical activity requirement. Wearing a pedometer can help you easily track your steps. Individuals should aim for 10,000 steps per day, which is equivalent to about 5 miles.The key is to start small and consistently set new goals and challenge yourself. Dr. Gundluru suggested many different ways to increase your daily steps, such as walking the dog, parking further away from your destination site, and using the stairs instead of the elevator. She also recommended taking up water sports and doing water exercises as a great option for low-resistance exercise. The talk was followed by a walk along the beautiful Fred Meijer CIS Trail. Photo: Dr. Greg Holzhei talks with walkers along the Fred Meijer CIS Trail in St. Johns. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: June 6, 2015

The June Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor was held at the Brenke Fish Ladder in Lansing. Guest physician Dr. Jake Rowan explained that exercise can serve as “medicine" for the musculoskeletal system and essentially all systems of the body. Dr. Rowan also noted that when examining your health, you must look to the Hi-5 of physical fitness: endurance, strength, speed, body composition, and nutrition. These components collectively ensure well-balanced physical health. Alicia Armstrong (Playmakers Fitness Foundation) then demonstrated the three basic principles to Good Form Walking: posture, stride and lean. Attendees took turns practicing their stride with a rope ladder and practicing their posture with posture sticks. The demonstration was followed by a walk to the Lansing City Market along the Lansing River Trail. Photo: Dr. Jake Rowan and Alicia Armstrong lead walkers in an exercise to practice correct stride length by using a rope ladder laid out on the ground near the Brenke Fish Ladder in Lansing. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: May 2, 2015

May's Let's Walk and Talk with a Doctor event was held at our annual Spring Choosing Health!® Rally at the Fenner Nature Center. Dozens of adults and children joined us for a 1-mile walk around Fenner's trails on this beautiful sunny day! Guest physician Dr. Glen Ackerman, from Sparrow Health System and the MSU Dept. of Neurology & Ophthalmology, explained how walking boosts the brain and keeps it healthy. Playmakers hosted a Good Form Walking clinic to remind walkers about the principles of good form: stride, foot strike, and posture. Walkers then spent the rest of their afternoon enjoying the rest of the activities and exhibits the Rally had to offer! Photo: Dr. Glen Ackerman leads walkers on a walk around Fenner's Maple Grove Loop and Tamarack Trails. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: April 18, 2015

The April Let's Walk and Talk with a Doctor was held at Valhalla Park in Holt. Guest physician Dr. David Pawsat, from The Center for Optimal Health, spoke about "mindful walking." He encouraged walkers to examine and become "mindful" of their bodies and environment, explaining that "[w]alking properly can put yourself in a place of healing." Dr. Pawsat said practicing mindful breathing and walking with proper form can allow walkers to fully benefit from, and enjoy, every step.

Alicia Armstrong (Playmakers Fitness Foundation) followed the discussion by demonstrating the three steps of Good Form Walking. Delhi Parks Director Mark Jenks then led the walkers through Valhalla Trail, where participants tried to implement the mindful walking techniques discussed.

Photo: Dr. David Pawsat encourages walkers to practice "mindful walking" around Valhalla Trail. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: March 22, 2015

The March Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor was held in collaboration with the Winter Warm-up Celebration at Hawk Island Park. Guest physician Dr. John Armstrong spoke about how vital physical activity is to every organ in our bodies; a routine walking regiment can help improve brain and heart health. We enjoyed a visit from Mayor Virg Bernero, who introduced his father as a proud example of never being too old to walk. Alicia Armstrong (Playmakers Fitness Foundation) then introduced the Winter Warm-Up Healthy Lifestyles Champions. Playmakers kicked off the family 5k fun run/walk, keeping our pace up with music and healthy snacks. What a great way to wrap up and celebrate the 2015 Winter Warm-Up season! Photo: Over 100 walkers and runners were eager to step off the starting line and enjoy the 1.5-mile paved loop around the lake. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.

RECAP: February 21, 2015

Walkers laced up their shoes for a walk inside the Lansing Mall with Dr. Maude Guerin of Alliance OB/GYN. Dr. Guerin taught walkers to listen to their bodies (rather than repeating "I should do this") when it came to being physically active and eating well. Playmakers led a Good Form Walking Clinic. In partnership with the Winter Warm-Up Series by Community Partners in Health. Photo: Participants take a 1-mile walk inside the Lansing Mall. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE

Read the Healthier Michigan blog post about February's walk - "Walk and Talk with a Doctor: Educating and Inspiring Lansing Area Residents to Move."

RECAP: January 31, 2015

For our first walk of 2015, area residents gathered at the Westside YMCA in Lansing, where Dr. Hend Azhary provided her 10-point bullet list on the benefits of physical  activity on health. Attendees then walked around  the roller rink and demonstrated the walking techniques learned from the Good Form Walking Clinic.

Photo: Dr. Hend Azhary leads walkers around the Westside YMCA roller rink. See more photos on our Facebook page HERE.