About the Alliance

Working together to empower our community to achieve better health.

The Capital Area Health Alliance (CAHA) believes that everyone has the right to lead a healthy lifestyle and have access to affordable, quality health care resources. Founded in 1993, the Alliance is a coalition of diverse organizations, businesses, health care professionals, and volunteers from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties advocating for community and population health and for improvements in quality and access to health care resources, with the mission of empowering our community to achieve better health. 

CAHA recognizes the effectiveness of working on challenges together that no single organization can resolve or achieve on its own. Often complex health problems facing the Capital Area do not have simple solutions and are too multi-faceted to be tackled by a single organization. The Alliance is a trusted regional hub for collaboration with the proven ability to network and convene a broad, diverse group of stakeholders and form community partnerships to collectively address common issues.

As CAHA looks to the future, there are many opportunities for program development, organizational collaborations, partnerships and grant procurement. Responses to CAHA’s various outreach activities, coupled with the strong participation on CAHA’s standing committees, indicate a deep commitment to working together to make a difference in our community’s health.

The strength of this Alliance is the people who contribute their time, talents, resources and expertise. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to thoughtfully consider the contribution YOU can make to the health of our community.

If you would like:
  • more information about CAHA,
  • to be on our mailing list, or
  • to become a member of the organization,
please call us at (517) 347-3377 or e-mail us at connect@cahealthalliance.org.