Performance Improvement Committee

(Past Committee)

Committee Sponosor- Michigan State University
Committee Chairperson-James Randolf Hillard, MD

The Performance Improvement Committee focuses on analyzing data related to the quality, cost and access of healthcare in the Capital Area. That data comes from multiple sources, specifically including data generated by the Capital Area RHIO. Data analyzed is used to inform healthcare policy and suggest actions for the Capital Area. Members include physicians, nurses, insurance executives, healthcare administrators, public health officials and professionals from allied community health organizations.

In 2009 the Performance Improvement Committee focused on strategic planning and examining the issues related to the down turn in the economy and the effect of that down turn on the health of people in the Capital Area and the impact on Health Care resources. The process of examining the effect of the economic recession will be used to develop White Paper describing findings and suggesting opportunities for solutions.

More specifically, in recent years, the capital area economy has been challenged by a number of factors that may decrease the community’s ability to meet the overall health care needs of the population effectively. Those factors include: 
  • Substantial increase in unemployment,
  • Decreases in the proportion of residents who have employer-sponsored health coverage, government-sponsored coverage and privately purchased coverage
  • Decrease in the availability of preventive and primary health care professionals
  • Increased reliance on emergency and acute care service delivery
  • Increased levels of uncompensated care
Some community experts predict a health care services gap of significant proportion within the next few years unless the community develops a workable plan to address the convergence of these factors.

Preparing for the Future 
To help provide a foundation for future health care system planning, the Performance Improvement Committee seeks to develop an understanding, specific to the area served by the Capital Area Health Alliance, of the nature of these important factors and their impact on the incidence of preventable disease and on health care outcomes for tri-county residents. For some areas of inquiry, data and information are readily available for capital area counties. Other information will require investigation.

What You Can Do 
If you have are interested in this Performance Improvement initiative, please: 
  • Sign up to serve as a member of the Performance Improvement Committee 
  • Assist with presentation and facilitation at the community forum series and symposium, planned for 2010. 
  • Watch for announcements of the planned community forums and symposium. 
  • Attend and participate in the community discussions leading to the White Paper 
  • Assist with presentation of White Paper throughout the community.

For more information about the Performance Improvement Committee, please contact the Capital Area Health Alliance.