Walking Group Toolkit

Would you like to start a local walking group? CAHA can help!

Through its Healthy Lifestyles Committee, CAHA has developed a Walking Group Toolkit to help you on the journey of starting a walking group. With tools to organize and promote your walking group; a checklist to help plan your walks; and support from CAHA and other walking group leaders; the Toolkit will practically help you establish a sustainable, effective and motivational walking group.
Register your walking group with CAHA, and we will connect you with other walking group leaders, provide support and give you access to a CAHA Walking Group Facebook page, where you can share success stories and pictures. It will also give CAHA the feedback we need to improve the toolkit for future use. The health and success of your walking group is important to us!
Walking is easy to begin and sustain. Everyone knows how to do it, and the only equipment you need is a pair of walking shoes. A good goal to reach is to walk for 30 minutes five days a week. Start at your own pace and increase your minutes weekly; every step matters.

Walking can help you lose weight, but did you know that walking also…

  • Boosts creativity

  • Manages stress

  • Builds energy

  • Lifts your mood

  • Improves fitness

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Is good for your bones

The benefits of walking are endless, and most of all, walking feels good and is fun! Let’s Walk!

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Register Online

To register your walking group, or to register as a participant, you can either fill out the Registration Forms in the toolkit packets and scan/email them to connect@cahealthalliance.org, mail them to the CAHA address, or fill out the forms right here on the website.

Walking Tips & Resources

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t be out walking! There are many indoor opportunities to walk during these colder months, such as community centers, malls, and schools. And if you do want to be out in the brisk weather, there are plenty of groomed trails and walkways to visit. Check out our Walking Resources flyer for walking tips, walking locations, and other free walking resources.